Shared narratives must be built collaboratively and inclusively. This project is part of a larger exploration in our society, and it does not claim to present a definitive narrative. Rather the hope is to create spaces for shared exploration of narrative building. We invite collaboration, and we share back insights from the unfolding conversation as a resource to others. 

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Diverse perspectives are essential to this conversation. Drawing on varied backgrounds, experiences, and locations creates a richer, more nuanced conversation. 

Are you connected to a group that could come together to talk about narratives of America and share their insights? Let us know. 

We periodically schedule online conversations; express your interest in joining one.

Our concept note is open source, so you can use it. We would love to hear about it if you do. Share insights from a conversation you hosted. 

Ongoing collaborative efforts

The Aspen Institute Religion and Society Program's Racial Justice and Religion Collective (RJRC) has been a midwife to and is an ongoing collaborator with this project. Currently we are co-editing a volume of essays, written by some RJRC members and other thinkers to explore how diverse religious perspectives, and the experiences of various faith communities, can contribute to narrative building that will help us move forward as a nation. The working title of the volume is Religious Perspectives on the Narratives of America: The search for just, honest, inclusive and forward-looking tellings. The volume is planned for release in June of 2024.

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The first gathering of the project was in August 2022 held with the RJRC members (which include a staff of the US Bahai Office of Public Affairs). The meaningful conversation encouraged the Office continued to convene a series of sessions on narratives of America with diverse participants, including another one with the RJRC in September 2023. Meanwhile RJRC has delved deeply into important narratives related to anti-black racism in America. Some of the members of RJRC, a long with a few other authors are currently contributing to the upcoming essay collection. In December 2023 the essayists met in San Diego, some joining online, to share ideas, consult and workshop their writing. Our shared conversation has gotten deeper over time, and we are looking forward to a stimulating and rich publication.